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Need help navigating the urban forest?


About Us

Deborah Hilbert, PhD - Lead Consultant

Hi, my name is Deborah "Deb" Hilbert. I am the owner of Many Trees Consulting, LLC, which applies science and strategy to cultivating healthy urban trees and forests.

Why Many Trees?

We believe in utilizing science and communication to help others manage urban trees efficiently and effectively for a more sustainable future. Many Trees Consulting values objectivity, strategy, equity, and sustainability.


What makes us different?

With a background in science, research, and education, we bring the most up-to-date knowledge to our practice and the ability to explain situations effectively to clients and stakeholders.


The results?

Meaningful tree- and forest-level work that has long-lasting effects on the surrounding community. In other words, a future filled with many trees.

Dr. Hilbert's research has been featured in media outlets including:


The Boston Globe

Tampa Bay Times

University of Florida IFAS News


Learn more about her experience and accomplishments:

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Why Naturopathy

Skills and Expertise


I am an ISA Certified Arborist® with experience in tree selection, care, and risk assessments. I have risk-assessed thousands of trees. I don't do tree work, which means I give you an unbiased expert opinion about the health and safety of your tree(s). If needed, I can refer you to a reputable tree service.


I conduct quantitative and qualitative research on urban trees and green spaces. From grant writing to publication, I'm ready to investigate the next big question. I have experience working on transdisciplinary teams. CV


I deliver engaging presentations and workshops to audiences of all backgrounds. I have experience teaching and presenting on many topics. Example topics include: tree identification, plant care, and arboricultural science.

Urban Forester

The urban forest is made up of all the trees and shrubs within in a city or urban area. It includes trees in yards, along streets, in parks, and more. People are a part of the urban forest ecosystem, too! I can help with urban forest assessments and plans. I can facilitate stakeholder discussions to help create urban forest management plans that are inclusive and sustainable. I can review planting plans to ensure specifications are the most up-to-date with science and expert recommendations.

Strategic Thinker

I think strategically about complex problems involving urban greenspace and people. I can help your environmental organization clarify project goals and leverage resources. From urban forest management plans to small-scale sustainable landscape projects, I approach all work with a unique mix of objectivity and compassion.


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Consulting Arborist and Urban Forester

  • tree planting plans

  • urban forest master plans

  • urban tree canopy analyses

  • tree risk assessments

  • food forest consultation

  • tree inventories

Strategic Planner

  • grant writing

  • tree benefit analyses

  • special event planning and volunteer coordination


  • public speaking

  • homeschooling group lessons

  • community outreach and engagement

  • workshops and training on topics like arboriculture, urban forestry, and natural resources



  • research on urban trees and green spaces with a particular interest in urban tree diversity, trees in hardscapes, and stakeholder engagement

  • all stages: project development, grant-writing, fieldwork, analysis, publication, presentation

  • click HERE to see Dr. Hilbert's full CV


We're based in St. Pete, Florida. Consulting arborist services are typically limited to the Tampa Bay area. For other services, we may travel or do remote/virtual meetings, research, and presentations. Contact Dr. Hilbert below to chat about options for your specific request.

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